This resource list is intended to provide useful information for researchers and organizers, with links to other projects, people, and organizations that are committed to exploring Black histories of Chapel Hill and/or organizing around anti-racism in Chapel Hill and across the South.

Digital Historical Resources

Organizing Resources

In Chapel Hill

  • Black Congress is an organization of Black students organizing for Black liberation at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • UNControllables promotes awareness of and involvement in radical, anti-fascist, anti-oppression, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist activities and groups at UNC-Chapel Hill and in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.
  • Take Action Chapel Hill is a group of students, neighbors, creatives, workers, parents, and friends that formed in August 2018 to support anti-racist activists facing charges related to protests against white supremacy at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • Black Student Movement is devoted to addressing cultural and diversity issues across UNC’s campus and the surrounding community, while also promoting black ideals and culture.
  • Marian Cheek Jackson Center for Saving & Making History is a hub of creative action dedicated to preserving the future of historically Black neighborhoods in Chapel Hill, NC. Located in the heart of the Northside community, Center staff work in collaboration with Northside neighbors and friends to respect and to serve histories that, even as they are told, make new history out of Emancipation, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, civil rights struggle, and desegregation.
  • The Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture & History encourages and supports the critical examination of all dimensions of African-American and African diaspora cultures through sustained and open discussion, dialogue and debate, and to enhance the intellectual and socio-cultural climate at the UNC-Chapel Hill and in communities beyond the campus boundaries.

Beyond Chapel Hill

  • Southern Anti-Racism Network develops campaigns and projects in the South to end racial disparities in criminal justice, economic opportunities, education, environmental justice and health care.
  • Black Liberation Collective is a collective consisting of Black students who are dedicated to transforming institutions of higher education through unity, coalition building, direct action and political education.
  • Black Youth Project 100 is a member-based organization of Black 18-35 year old activists and organizers, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people through building a network focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy, and political education using a Black queer feminist lens.
  • Project South is a Southern-based leadership development organization that creates spaces for movement building.
  • Organizing Against Racism is a network of anti-racism groups based in or around the Triangle that host trainings and events to advance racial equity.
  • Racial Equity Institute is an alliance of trainers and organizers who work to help leaders and organizations who want to proactively understand and address racism, both in their organization and in the community where the organization is working.

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