In this map, you can find information about approximately fifty spaces on, around, and within the campus landscape that together chart the histories of racial justice movements at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Explore the map on this page by clicking a point on the map, or use your left + right arrow keys to move through the history of each space in a loosely chronological way. Click on the link at the bottom left of the map that reads “Click here to learn more about X space” to open a new page with more information about the space, including the organizations that operated within it, how students and workers used the space, and its opening (and closing) dates.

Markers on the map are colored to designate the type of spatial organizing approach utilized by Black students and workers within the space.

  • Green markers designate spaces of creation — spaces created by Black students and workers to support their communities within and against the cultural landscape of white supremacy.
  • Red markers designate spaces of contestation — spaces which symbolized and enacted white supremacy, contested by Black students and workers.
  • Blue markers designate spaces of reclamation — spaces of resistance reclaimed by Black students and workers from the institution by utilizing the history of Black freedom striving in Chapel Hill.
  • Purple markers simply designate spaces where important events in the histories of racial justices movements occurred, without incorporating a specific spatial organizing framework.