The Fishbowl

Discussions About the Planning of a Black Cultural Center for Campus Profile

Document Description: In this report from UNC STV’s campus news program, Campus Profile, students and faculty discuss the possibility of creating a new Black cultural center on the campus. In 1984, Donald Boulton, the vice chancellor and dean of the division of student affairs, convened a committee to develop a proposal for a Black cultural center to “promote learning, self awareness, self determination and broadened world perspectives.” This segment discusses the progress of the creation of that proposal.


Black Student Movement, BCC Movement

Date: 11/6/1985

Document Type: Video

Creator: UNC STV

Document Collection: Campus Profile, UNC Student Television

Campus Space: The Fishbowl

Citation: Campus Profile, Episode 20. UNC Student Television. 6 November 1985. <> Accessed April 23, 2018.