Cheek-Clark Building

Membership Role and Dues Paid for the Janitors’ Association, 1935

Document Description: Kennon Cheek, Frank Hairston, Elliott Washington, and Melvin Rich established the Janitors’ Association in 1930 to promote cooperation between the janitors and the university administration and to “advance the moral standards and ideals of the janitors.” The organization was the first formally organized group of the University’s workers. At the time, janitors not only cleaned university buildings, but also did painting, carpentry, and construction. This document shows a list of the Janitors’ Association membership in 1935, with Kennon Cheek, the namesake of the future Cheek-Clark Building, on line fourteen.

Organization: Janitors’ Association

Date: 4/1/1935

Document Type: Membership Role

Creator: Janitors’ Association

Document Collection: Janitors’ Association of the University of North Carolina

Campus Space: Cheek-Clark Building

Citation: Membership Role and Dues, 1935 in the Janitors’ Association of the University of North Carolina Records #40191, University Archives, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.