McCorkle Place

Can You Hear Us Now?

Document Description: In August 2011, a new organization formed comprised of both students and Chapel Hill and Carrboro permanent residents, named in opposition to the most striking monument to white supremacy on the campus, the University’s Confederate Monument. Invoking the language of “historical accuracy” from CHAT, the Real Silent Sam Coalition (RSSC) was comprised of white and Black individuals “who are devoted to bringing historical accuracy to all members of our campus and our greater surrounding community.”

Organization: Real Silent Sam Coalition

Date: 4/4/2012

Document Type: Photograph

Document Collection: The Real Silent Sam Tumblr

Campus Space: McCorkle Place

Citation: “Can You Hear Us Now?” Members of the Real Silent Sam Coalition in front of the Confederate Monument, 4 April 2012, Photo from The Real Silent Sam Tumblr.