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Historical Memorandum of Law for the Housekeepers Settlement

Document Description: The housekeepers’ lawsuit was grounded in the phrase within the thirteenth amendment which abolished the “badges and indices of slavery,” which HKA argued were still in effect at the University, evidenced by housekeepers’ low pay, plantation-like supervisory systems, and the inaccessibility of career advancement. This memorandum of law cites historians and scholars to place the lawsuit in an historical context.

Historical Memorandum_Aug96


Organization: UNC Housekeepers Association

Date: 3/28/1996

Document Type: Legal Document

Creator: Al McSurely, Mark Dorosin

Document Collection: Alan McSurely Papers, 1928-2003

Campus Space: Cheek-Clark Building

Citation: Historical Memorandum, 1996 in the Alan McSurely Papers, #4928, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.