Document Description: On September 3, 1992, an estimated 400 supporters for a free-standing Black Cultural Center marched to Chancellor Paul Hardin’s home at eleven o’clock at night, chanting “No Justice, No Peace,” hoping to deliver a message of strength to the chancellor. Hardin was out of town and missed the students’ protest. A week later on Thursday, September 10th, 300 supporters marched from the Pit to South Building to present Hardin with a letter demanding his support for a free-standing Stone Center and the development of a BCC proposal to be given to the University’s Board of Trustees by November 13th.

Organization: BCC Movement, Black Awareness Council

Date: 9/11/1992

Document Type: Newspaper Article

Creator: Anna Griffin

Document Collection: The Daily Tar Heel

Campus Space: The Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History

Citation: Griffin, Anna. “BCC Supporters Give Hardin Ultimatum.” The Daily Tar Heel. 11 September 1992. Page 1.