McCorkle Place Saunders Hall

Freedom Legacy Project Interest Flyer

Document Description: This flyer documents one of the few interest meetings for the Freedom Legacy Project, an organization first imagined by Yonni Chapman in 1995. The flyer also states the two goals that Chapman worked towards in his work with both Students Seeking Historical Truth (1999) and the Campaign for Historical Accuracy and Truth (2004-2005): “uncover the true history of institutional racism at UNC” and “document anti-racist organizing efforts today.”

Organization: Freedom Legacy Project

Date: 4/25/2000

Document Type: Flyer

Creator: John K. Chapman

Document Collection: John Kenyon Chapman Papers, 1969-2009

Campus Space: Saunders Hall, McCorkle Place

Citation: Freedom Legacy Project Interest Flyer, 25 April 2000 in the John Kenyon Chapman Papers #5441, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.