Lenoir Hall and Manning Hall

Video of Foodworkers’ Strike and State Patrolmen Outside Lenoir Hall

Document Description: On March 6, 1969, ostensibly to keep order on the campus and to reopen Lenoir Hall during the foodworkers strike, sixty state patrolmen, ordered in by Governor Bob Scott and dressed in riot gear, lined the north and south entrances to Lenoir Hall, while picketing continued. This silent video captures the patrolman, the picketers, and the many bystanders who watched the confrontation.

Black Student Movement, Campus Y, Southern Student Organizing Committee, UNC Non-Academic Employees Union

Date: 3/6/1969

Document Type: Video

Campus Space: Lenoir Hall and Manning Hall

Document Collection: North Carolina Digital Heritage Center Video Collection
Citation: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Food Worker Strike Footage. 6 March 1969. North Carolina Digital Heritage Center. Archive.com. Accessed 23 April 2018.