Lenoir Dining Hall

Lenoir Dining Hall, the central dining facility on the North Campus, was a critical space of resistance during the 1969 Foodworkers’ Strikes, a movement to improve the working and living conditions of the mostly Black female workers who cooked, cleaned, and served food in the University’s dining halls.

Foodworkers on the food lines in Lenoir Hall. Photograph. Yackety Yack. 1962. Page 306.

Organization: Campaign for Historical Accuracy and TruthBlack Student Movement, Campus YSouthern Student Organizing CommitteeUNC Non-Academic Employees Union

Space Use: Dining

Spatial Organizing Approach: Contestation

Date Created: 1939

Campus Space: Lenoir Hall and Manning Hall

Citation: Interview with Donelle Boose by Charlotte Fryar, 17 November 2017, in the Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007), Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.